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About us

Wild Goose Camping came about a year after we moved to Margaret River in 2015.

Following seven years of FIFO life in Perth, our growing family struggled to transition back to being a close and bonded unit like we used to be. With us both feeling disconnected from one another, deeply unhappy in ourselves and no longer enjoying the high wage, we looked towards a more sustainable and therefore happier lifestyle in the South West, closer to the coast and bush, as we made Margaret River our home.

So to make things better, we started by packing our tent and gear into the car and going camping when we could. We got the kids and ourselves off devices and looked for adventure: simple food cooked outdoors, lying under the trees and books read for hours; board games, bike rides and rope swings over rivers; sitting around campfires, planning mini adventures to find new places to play.

It is a fact now that poor mental health is becoming an epidemic. We are living in an age of growing anxiety and depression in a world that is fast-paced and demanding.

We have both suffered in our own mental health battles. With five boys in tow, we feel passionate that it is important to model to them how we take care of ourselves as well as our relationships.

With a love for nature and the planet, and how we all benefit mentally, physically and emotionally from being outside, we want to share and encourage this love and intention with others.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. If you have any questions please get in touch here.

Clint and Chloe x


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